Make sure with all of the suggestions below, you are taking at least one day per week to rest. This allows for the body to recover and rebuild and should be considered a vital part of training.
Try to maximize your workouts. If you are already in another sport, such as soccer, volleyball, school track and field, or even school PE. Work hard during the running and drills portions so you can get your body in the best shape as possible. You can definitely count any of these activities as a pre-season workout for the day. The ideas below are not the magic formula for success and if there’s a physical activity that you can think of that effectively gets you active and your body in better shape then count that towards your pre-season workouts…tennis, soccer, flag football, etc. are all great examples.
Speed Agilities (for every event)
If you’re not sure what these are I wouldn’t recommend them, but if you remember what these are and you are confident you are doing them in good form, then doing these daily will help you in basically every event in track and field (and every other sport for that matter). Some reminders for form are that you want to hold your arms at a 90-degree angle (square) as you pump the arms during each drill (with the exception of crossovers). You can do 2 sets (up and back) of 20-30 yards unless indicated otherwise. Here are some of the drills:
1. Straight Legs
2. Butt-kicks
3. High Knees
4. Crossovers
5. Quick feet (10-15 yards)
6. High knee quick feet (10-15 yards)
7. Backwards running
8. Rollover sprints/Wind sprints (40 yards)
9. Bounding
10. Skip Drill
11. Skip drill with leg extension
12. Squat jumps/Frog jumps (hopping but landing and sitting very low with each jump)
Sprinters/Short Distance Runners (100/200/400)
5 minutes jogging (two laps) to get warmed up and prevent injury; 3-5 minutes stretching
10-20 minutes of Speed Agilities (see below)
6 x 50 meter sprints with lots of rest in between; (also do 4×200 meters if you do the 400)
Ladders – 100, 200, 300, 200, 100 – Put some 150’s in there if it’s not challenging enough
Distance/Middle Distance Runners (800/1600/3000)
More than any of the other events we do in track and field, getting a little bit of running in will make a huge difference for distance runners. Try to get a 20-30 minute nice easy jog in every day (soccer practice definitely count towards this). Stretch for a few minutes before you run and stretch for at least 5 minutes after each run. If you pushed yourself for a faster paced run, be sure to jog easy for a few minutes to help your body recover and prevent injuries. Other activities than just jogging or doing a quicker run are:
Take 8 – 15 minutes and do the speed agilities (see above) that we often do.
Jump rope for 5 minutes.
Run repeat 800m (2-4X) at a little slower than your mile pace.
Jumpers (Long Jump/High Jump/Triple Jump)
5 minutes jogging (two laps) to get warmed up and prevent injury; 3-5 minutes stretching
10-20 minutes of Speed Agilities (see above) – Do more of the ones that you think will help your event
Measure yourself in the standing long jump – Repeat 5 times
Measure yourself in touching a point as high on the wall as you can – Repeat 5-10 times
3 sets of 10 jumps in place and bring your knees high and trying to jump high, land softly
Throwers (Shot put/Javelin/Discus)
5 minutes jogging (two laps) to get warmed up and prevent injury; 3-5 minutes stretching
Do 50-100 pushups per day (work your way up to 100 or more). Start with 2 sets of 25, then try 2 sets of 30-40, etc. Be sure to skip at least one day per week to allow for recovery and rebuilding.
Do 50-100 situps per day just as suggested above with the pushups
7-10 minutes of Speed Agilities (see above) – Do extra of the Squat jumps/Frog jumps